Gulf of Finland 2009

Karelia, the lake Ladoga skerries 2008 - 2009

Caucasus 2008

Miscellaneous locations 2008

Miscellaneous locations

Fine art landscape photography, fine art prints

All available for purchase fine art photography by Michael Mironov are presented at this gallery. When you purchase a fine art photo, you will be sent quality fine art prints created from the original negatives with analogue optical printing method. The fine art prints are limited-edition.

For your convenience, fine art landscape photography comes in the categories:

  • Gulf of Finland – the unique nature of the Finnish bay.
  • Karelia and the lake Ladoga skerries – a sizeable collection of fine art photography of river and pastoral motives.
  • The Caucasus – fine art landscape photography of picturesque mountain streams.
  • Miscellaneous locations – the photographer's inspirational quest; beautiful and unusual fine art photography.

The gallery can only display small reproductions of the original print: you cannot compare the first impression at the gallery with the feeling when you see these fine art prints in real life. We send you the fine art prints in a 40x60 cm (16x24 ") and 13x18 cm (5x7") size. All this space is filled with the most minute details and gradual shades. The result is quality, truly professional fine art photography, capable of providing beauty to any office or home.
Fine art photography - is a modern art, its means of expression similar to painting and drawing. Each fine art landscape photograph is a high-grade product of this art, with a goal and idea of its own. The value of fine art photography is manifest and proven in the feelings it gives rise to in the viewer. Just take in the gallery and listen to your heart. When you find a photograph that strikes a chord with you, you can be sure that purchasing this photo will be one of your best decisions!

Fine art landscape photography shows the beauty inherent in nature. There are no cars, no people. It is created for you to escape the cacophony and drudgery of city life. These fine art prints can become your window into the charmed world of natural beauty.

When you decide to purchase a print, simply click 'Buy' and follow the instructions on screen. If you have any questions, mail me via this form.

©2008-2011 Michael Mironov / Михаил Миронов

Fine art landscape photography. Fine art prints.