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Gallery of fine art black-and-white photographs

Gulf of Finland 2009 (new!)
Kavkaz 2008

Fine art landscape photography, fine art prints

All able for purchase fine art photography by Michael Mironov are presented at this gallery. When you purchase fine art photo you receive mail qualitative fine art prints created by usage of original negatives’ photo-print method. The edition of fine art prints is limited.

For your convenience, fine art landscape photography is grouped by categories:

  • Gulf of Finland – the unique nature of the Finnish bay.
  • Karelia and skerries of the lake Ladoga – the big collection fine art photography of river and easy pastoral motives.
  • Kavkaz – fine art landscape photography of picturesque mountain streams.
  • Other plases – creative search of the photographer, beautiful and unusual fine art photography.

Only small reproductions of pieces are presented at the gallery. You cannot compare the first impression at the gallery with the feelings when you see fine art prints in real life. We send you the fine art prints of the 40x60 cm (16x24 ") size. And all this space is filled by the smallest details and the sated shades. As a result you would receive qualitative and professional fine art photography which is capable to decorate any office or the house.
Fine art photography - it’s the modern art and its means of expression are similar to painting and drawing. Every fine art landscape photograph is high-grade product of this art with own target and idea. Art value of fine art photography is concluded in feelings which it calls you at viewing. Just try to look simply at the gallery and listen to your heart. When you will find fine art photo that would call the response in your heart – know – the purchase of this photo will be worth of it!

Fine art landscape photography is neutral inherently. There are no cars, people, industrial building. Such fine art photography is simply created for you to get away from city vanity. These fine art prints can become a window into the charming world of the protogenic nature.

To buy fine art landscape photograph use mail form.

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Fine art landscape photography. Fine art prints.